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Stain Removal Tips, Blood, Rust, Grease, Pen ink and Crayon Marks

Stain Removal Tips

Stains are generally frustrating because they ruin the cleanliness of your house items such as your couches, kitchen sink and most especially your clothes. There several types of stains that your house items could catch up. Hence there are also various stain removal products that have special contents that could treat stains differently.

There is several stain removal tips that could help you get rid of stains. First, it is with utmost importance to keep yourself familiarize with different kind of stain for you to treat them rightly. Understand how a certain type of stain removal product works so that you could use them properly. One must know how a stain removal product would react when put in the surface of a material. This would help you prevent damaging the material.

If you are planning to remove stains on your house items, get familiarize to several stain removal products. They could be in the form of an emulsifier, a type of solvent, or an oxidizer. Chemical structure of stains could be broken apart by using a stain removal oxidizing product. Common example of this is the bleach. It actually hides the stain by bleaching it as it contains a large amount of whiteners. Solvent stain removal products, on the other hand, are those that contain chemicals that dissolve stains. They could contain harsh chemicals that remove oil stains and grease and should be used by caution. In addition to that, an emulsifier could be an all-purpose soap. Its chemical content partnered with water removes stain. They usually contain oils and fats that greatly aids in removing stain.

There are also natural stain removal agents that could be found at home. It could be in a form of your cooking ingredients such as lemons, baking soda, salt, and a lot more. Looking for Chicago Maids? – Call us?!

After familiarizing yourself with several stain removers, here are other stain removal tips for common kinds of stains:

Blood Removal Tips

Blood is a common type of stain. Wet or dry, you could remove it with the use of peroxide, cold water ad soap. Pour some amount of peroxide onto the stain and let it sit there of a couple of minutes before rinsing it. As you allow the peroxide sit on the surface of the material with stain, you could make use soapy rag to wipe the surface and the cold water to rinse it.

Rust Removal Tips

Rub the stain with salt and lemon juice then leave it under the sun. Rinse it after and see the effect. For rust stains on your house sidewalks or driveway, use a chemical like an oxalic acid. Make it stand for some minutes and scrub it with the use of bristle brush.

Pen ink and Crayon Marks Removal Tips

Make use of hairspray on pen ink stain then let it dry. Wash it afterwards. For crayon marks on your appliances, plastic surfaces, or walls, make use of sponge that has sprinkled baking soda and then scrub it on the stained surface.

Grease Removal Tips

Your hand could even be stained with grease. Remove it with a mixture of sugar and olive oil. Rub your hands and rinse it with water. You would be surprised that it won’t just remove the dirt but also moisturizes your hand. You could also make use of butter on your hands and wash it afterwards with soapy water.

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